From Maine to Puerto Rico

Written by Benjamin Bryce ’18

During spring break of this year, Mr. Michael Tholen and Mr. Bill McNamara are taking seven Hebron students on a surf and service trip to Puerto Rico. Leaving March 8th, the group will fly out of Boston-Logan airport and land in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The group is staying in a Hostel and is excited for the warm weather and opportunity to help those that have been ravaged by the latest hurricanes.

Service-oriented work will be done throughout the week, but one notable service initiative will be beach clean-up on the island beaches. When not doing service work, the group is slated to practice surfing and engage in hiking and other outdoor activities. The students that are going are Ben Bryce, Delano Brown, Masataka Mita, Beks Alimov, Will Kline, Saga Stenberg, and Grace Keneally.