Our Own Mini-Hebron

By Emma Skelton (’19) and Dr. Hillory Oakes

In this summer’s All-School Read, All the Light We Cannot See, the character Marie-Laure’s father creates models of the cities where they live to help his visually impaired daughter navigate through her world. Marie-Laure is then able to walk freely throughout the cities despite being blind because she knows everything about them from the models. Inspired by this, during this week’s Community Meeting, groups of about ten to fifteen Upper School students created a three-dimensional map of the Hebron campus. Groups had only 45 minutes and a bagful of assorted supplies to design a miniature version of a specific spot on campus, from the athletic fields to the dorms to the chapel. Each piece was then brought to the Science Lecture Hall where they were all assembled into a replica of the entire school. Students exhibited amazing teamwork and creativity with these models; we hope to display all of them at this spring’s Academic Expo. Please see the pictures below for a glimpse into our creative, little world…

Lepage Center for the Arts, with styrofoam columns and a dancing minion in the background:

The Chapel, which even has a senior giving their last word on the inside:

The iconic Victory Bell:

The Hockey Rink, complete with players, sound effects, and a giant cup of hot chocolate: