Valentine’s Day: the Best or Worst Holiday?

Why Valentine’s Day is the Worst and You Cannot Change My Opinion

By Jasper Curtis ’22

If you ask someone what they thought of Valentine’s Day, you would probably get a generic and basic answer: “Valentine’s Day is about spending time with your significant other,” “this day is all about caring for others,” “I LOVE Valentine’s Day.” However, if you were to ask me what I think of Valentine’s day, I would say: I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY. 

While my verbal answer to you would be thorough, as well as funny and rehearsed, allow me to express my true feelings on this day here, for public record. Valentine’s Day is nothing but a profitable scheme for corporations to feed on for easy money. Tell me? Who really benefits from Valentine’s Day? If you said Walmart you would be CORRECT. Target, Burger King, Lowes or Pepboys would also be acceptable answers. Buying your significant other chocolates, flowers, or an oil change is not something that should be required and made special on a certain day; it should be the BARE MINIMUM. Why would you treat your other half as special on just one day?

Because Walgreens told you to? I propose a new celebration for February 14th, to replace Valentine’s Day. Instead of taking your significant other to an unoriginal dinner or buying them 50% off KFC, relax and stay indoors and watch the Sonic The Hedgehog movie, released in 2020. It has the biggest opening weekend for a film based on a video game and it has Jim Carrey in it. What more can I say to convince you to STOP CELEBRATING VALENTINE’S DAY?

Valentine’s Day is Worth Celebrating At Hebron

By Jakub Diakonowicz ’23

Valentine’s Day happens once a year on February 14th. The day honors two priests: Valentine of Rome, and Valentine of Terni. Both of them were beheaded by the same person, Claudius II. After Claudius made marriage illegal for military purposes, Valentine of Rome decided to secretly marry people, and was killed for that. Valentine of Terni was beheaded for two things: helping prisoners escape, and, while in jail, falling in love with the jailor’s daughter.

He sent her valentines and her father was not too happy about it.

 The “loving” day has a brutal history, but it is celebrated all around the world. Of course, some people don’t want to celebrate, and that’s okay, but should it bother them that others do? No! Some people are happy and some aren’t, it’s the cycle of life. Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating, and before you ignore me, hear me out first.

1. It’s happened for so long that it’s become a tradition

We have been celebrating Valentine’s Day since before literally everyone alive today was born. Therefore, it became a tradition for many people, so why would we stop?

2. An extra step to keep the love going

It’s the one day that you can expand your love to a partner beyond what you have reached so far. It’s an additional measure to keep the love going/deepening it. 

3. Even if you are alone, you can bond with people

Who said Valentine’s Day is only for couples? I mean, sure, it is treated as a day for couples, but you can spend it with friends or other people who don’t have a partner. Or even animals. People love animals. They make our lives less miserable and stressful.

4. It brings people and families together

It’s a bonding day. Families and friends will always accept gifts from you, as long as you do it from the “heart.” Remember: if you share the love with your friends, you can express it on that day too.

5. It makes people happy

Spending time together always brings joy and happiness to people. Especially on this day.

6. A good time to ask your crush out

If it feels like you need to have a date for this day, guess what? If the person you are interested in is free, you can use the occasion to ask them out. There is a high chance they will say yes. 

7. To recognize the actions of the people closest to us

If you are on the receiving end, remember to recognize the action. The person probably took a lot of time to plan and wonder what they should get. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s better to buy something no matter the day, but on this day it’s BETTER to get something for your partner if you have one (BOYS LISTEN TO THAT).

8. A special day for expressing love

Let’s look back at it and think how it is a love day, and how there are a lot of ways to express love, such as buying things or hand-making them, or even organizing a day to spend with the person.

What do the teachers at Hebron do for Valentine’s Day?

Mrs. Nadeau gives her kids little chocolate for two weeks starting February 1st. I don’t know about you guys, but eating chocolate every day for two weeks as a little kid from my parents would be amazing.

Mr. Kangas cooks a special dinner, but before Covid, he would reserve their favorite restaurant in California. I know it seems crazy, but he lived there. WOW Mr. Kangas you are romantic.

Mrs. Waterman’s husband doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but to make up for that he makes every Monday feel like it. I think many would be jealous of that.

Mrs. Van Burskirk celebrates Galentine’s Day. Basically, she is doing a girl’s night. #WomenInPower

Couples at Hebron!

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