Greetings from the Editors!


Welcome to The Hebron Review Online Edition! After a few years, The Hebron Review has decided to run an online publication for more frequently published and easily accessible content. Also be sure to visit our archives for previous editions of The Hebron Review. Hope you enjoy!

The Hebron Review is a student run publication overseen by co-editors Alice Dang ’20 and Katherine Ducharme ’21. All articles are written by members of the Hebron Academy community.

Alice Dang is a poetry maniac from Hanoi, Vietnam in her senior year at Hebron. Writing is one of her favorite ways of de-stressing. She loves reading and cuddling up with her blanket to drink tea. She loves having long, thoughtful conversations with people instead of small talks! She will also not shut up about Salmon, her nephew. Alice is excited to enter her last year as Hebron Review’s editor and hopes to leave some good memories here.

Katherine Ducharme is a flamboyant junior from Marblehead, MA. In her free time, she loves reading scientific articles, playing soccer with her teammates, and being part of Hebron’s various arts programs. You will constantly see her on the fields, in the rink, or in the Williams Center, taking pictures and candids for all the teams. Moving from a town right outside of Salem, Massachusetts to the forest was a big change, but she wouldn’t change it for the world. Her favorite snack is UTZ Salt & Vinegar potato chips, and she would be happy to share them with you!