Boy’s JV Soccer

By Brennen Pike ’22

Being on the Hebron Academy JV soccer team has been an… interesting experience to say the least. As a day student, I don’t really get to hang out with friends much outside of class. On the soccer field, it doesn’t feel like I’m working, it’s more like hanging out with friends while having fun exercising. Whether it’s hearing Jack and Nick bicker like an old married couple, or Teehan reminding us of how bad we really are, playing with these guys is always a treat. 

Almost nobody on our team actually knows how to play soccer, we just kinda do our thing and figure it out on our own. We have a strong connection as we are not only the soccer team, but most of us are also on the hockey team. This makes it a lot easier to communicate with each other and gives us the upper hand over other teams who may not know each other as well. 

The brains behind our operations is the man most commonly known on campus as Mr. Gautier, aka: The Goat. He is not only our coach, but someone that we can joke around with, and who tells us when it’s time to take things seriously. Although sometimes he can be grumpy, I can always count on him to laugh at my lame dad jokes. 

Playing soccer at Hebron is something I never thought I would do. Having only hockey and lacrosse as my two main sports, I never had a taste for soccer. Playing on Mr. Gautier’s team, though, gave me not only some great training for hockey season, but also great experiences that I will carry with me throughout my entire life.

Men’s Varsity Soccer

By Dilamar Segundo ’24

The Hebron Academy men’s varsity soccer team is developing rapidly; we may have just gotten together, but we have already become one big family. We are no longer just a soccer team or classmates. We have people from all over the world—including Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, and the United States—and all of those different cultures working together only makes us stronger.

Our team is always looking for a way to improve. We started the year with many people that we had never seen play before and no idea what would happen. However, we quickly realized that we have a really talented team with a hunger to win and improve, a team that knows how to take criticism and help others when needed.

Today, we are a top team, and one that knows how to play together. Everyone understands their role and completes it in the best way possible. I constantly see people giving 100% of their effort for the same goal, which is hard to do. My teammates are warriors; we may have lost some games, but we have also won. We play the best we can and never go down easy. We don’t look at the opposing team as an obstacle, but see them as a path to our goal.

Remember when I said we were warriors? Now you will understand why. We have already faced many events, ranging from bad referees to an ammonia leak. Our team has a remarkable ability to turn anything into motivation, making us more decisive and assertive every game. I believe that, at the end of the year, the whole team will look back and see how much we improved—all of the great memories we have, the things we achieved—and want more.

Cross Country

By Cotton Strong ’23

The Hebron Academy cross country team is larger and faster than ever before! With more than twenty runners, we have had a large enough roster to finally match up with our rivals at Kent’s Hill, Hyde, and Berwick. The whole team has been working hard on the trails, headed by pro-runner and coach, Eric Lundblade. Our daily routine consists of a short warm-up, an intense workout (or recovery run if we did a workout the day before), and finally some cool-down stretches. We have even taken some days away from campus to experience new terrain and take advantage of the beautiful surrounding area. Recently, we have run up Little Singepole, a former ski slope, and Greenwood Mountain Road, which has a very steep hill but an incredible view of the Hebron campus. The team has had meets in both Hyde and Berwick, as well as two home races. Our course is infamous for its two massive hills, nicknamed “The Wall” and “The Mini Wall.”

Our team has worked hard to improve throughout the season, bringing in solid times at every race. Logan Grenon of Quebec City has been the star of the group. Placing top ten at his worst and second place at his best, Logan has been the literal front runner of the cross country team. 

The Hebron cross country team has been pushing ourselves all season, and we can only go up from here!

Varsity Field Hockey

By Julia Lopo ’23

Another fall at Hebron Academy means another season of field hockey! The girl’s varsity field hockey season is off to a great start with a combination of home games and road trips to New Hampshire. Our practices are fun and structured to help us hone our skills. We work on drills that consist of anything from game scenarios to our team favorite, rapid-fire, which are fast shots on goal. Many of our players are trying the sport for the first time, or they have just begun their first season since the beginning of Covid-19. Putting that into perspective, Hebron has a promising field hockey team.

Our statistics have not been the greatest, but all the girls on the team consistently bring their enthusiasm and team spirit. We have been short on subs this year, so we try to keep our heads up throughout long, tiring games. Even with the shortage of players, we have built a bond like no other. We have also had a record-breaking number of injuries, ranging from ACL tears to concussions, but that is not holding us back.

Field hockey is a sport that requires good team chemistry and school spirit. If you agree with these values you should come support us on the turf at our next home game! We are also looking for new players, so even if field hockey is not your sport you should consider trying it out. We look forward to a great rest of the season!

When the World is Upside Down

By Dylos Lin ’22

When the world is upside down,
The notebook is writing on me.
The bus is taking me,
The noodles use forks to eat me.
And you miss me.

The thief is catching a policeman,
And he run and say:
“Police, don’t go.”
Did you hear what he said?
Police don’t go,
Please don’t go.

It sounds so weird,
The notebook won’t write on me.
The bus won’t take me.
The noodles won’t eat me
And you won’t miss me.

Thank god this world is normal,
I am writing on the notebook,
I am taking the bus,
I am eating the noodles.
And I miss you.

The Moon is Beautiful

By Abrielle Johnson ’23

Orchids are white,
Ghost ones are rare,
The journey is long,
And so is her hair

Magnolia grows,
With buds like eggs,
The flow is smooth,
Just like her legs

Sunflowers reach,
Up to the skies,
Her treatment is kind,
And so is her eyes

Foxglove in hedges,
Surround the farm,
Pink is pale,
Just like her arms

She is so pretty,
And has such great style,
Purposes are illuminating,
And so is her smile

The moon is beautiful,
Just like you

A Range of Imagination

By Louisa Strong ’26

Wind singing, golden leaves dancing, mountainside green and
Flowery, sky clear and blue, how do you do? Red picnic under a 
Shining sun

Light reflecting off the diamond lake below me, the flowers’ scent
So sickly strong, the pine trees dying and still tough and old, holding
Up the sky

Grass swaying, trees rustling and playing along to nature’s song
And an orange bird, what rhymes with that? I hear my own pencil
Busy on its way

To write a poem, to capture the world around you, everything 
That swirls inside you head and heart, sky light and dark, all around you, And to
Write it down

How? To start to tell you, the reader, just what it is that makes this mountain
Beautiful, how? To tell you that I’ve never been to the place I describe
So vividly for you. 

The grass, the wind, the sky, the orange bird, all non existent, all
A reality for someone else, but not me. Every word, every letter
Just whispers of imagination 
Fragile as steam
And the slightest breath will change its shape
Blow it all away