Messi vs. New England Revolutions

By: Evie Willer ’26

My brother, Myles, has been a big soccer fan since he first stepped on the playing field around the age of three. He has nonstop begged my parents to let him go to a professional soccer game. When we saw that his favorite player, Lionel Messi, was coming to play the New England Revolutions in Boston, we were quick to get the tickets. After the two hour drive to Boston in stop and go traffic, we made it to Gillette Stadium. Once we were there and found our seats, everyone started piling in. Over 65,000 fans packed the stands. Everyone had Messi jerseys on. Unlike concerts I’ve been to at Gillette, this crowd was mostly young kids and their families who were all excited to see the famous Lionel Messi.

I’ve never seen a crowd so loud and full of joy as when Messi made his way out to the field. Many people had no doubt that the inter – Miami team would win, as they are the number one team in the league. However, once the game started, New England Revolutions scored their goal in the first minute. Everyone was in shock and Messi and inter miami stepped up their game after noticing the Revolutions wanted the win. Messi played the full game, which was unexpected, and he ended up scoring two goals and had one assist. Miami ended up winning four to one. This game was the most competitive soccer game I had seen. It was interesting to see how the players were able to make quick decisions and work as a team to win the game. My favorite part of the game wasn’t watching the actual game, but hearing all the five to ten year olds yelling and getting mad at the teams and refs for calls they did not agree with.

Looking Back at the Cross Country Season

By: Valentina Jeronimo ’26

From running in the crispy weather of fall to running in the frigid winter, our cross country team showed remarkable dedication and effort this season; our team with more than 10 runners showed encouraging behavior with each other and our endeavor allowed us to progress through the whole period. More importantly, our coach, Coach Prince, made sure each of us had an exceptional season and pushed us to bring out the best of us in every race and practice and we thank him for that. We started off every practice with a 1200m warm up and drills to stretch, then, depending on each of our health conditions we either ran on the trails or did the bike inside. Days before the race the team worked on cardio exercises and our couch made sure we got enough rest for the race the next day.

All the dedication and effort our team has made this season has been reflected by achieving a remarkable 2nd place in the MAISADS championship against Kents hill, Gould, Hyde and Bradford Christian Academy. I am very proud to say I was part of this team and I am pleased with my result but more importantly with the result of all of my teammates. The team would also like to thank Ms. D or Ms. Desmond for taking care of us and looking after us this season; from all the taping she did, to all of us who she sent to the bike and to all of us who she put up to every day in her office saying “I don’t want to do cross country today.” Thank you.

And for the last time we can shout:

Jacks on me Jacks on three…. One..Two..Three… JACKS!!!!


Michael Boardman ‘27

James (Quin) Doyle ‘26

Guadalupe (Lupe) Fernandez-Irurzum ‘26

Perrin Gill ‘28

Conlin Goodwin ‘27

Valentina (Val) Jeronimo ‘26

Eliot Kamula ‘25

Donghyun (David) Lee ‘28

Finn Miller ‘28

Martha Morril ‘24

Robert (Roby) Schroder ‘24

James Young ‘24

Behind the Athletic Scene with Ms. D

By: Ryan Johnston ’24

Often when looking at sports programs you may notice the star athletes, possibly the clean jerseys the team wears, or the coaches. However, behind it all are the athletic trainers that make sure those athletes stay on the field in those fashionable jerseys and they definitely keep the coaches in check. At Hebron it is no different, Ms Raymond, who unchoicefully goes by Ms. D or Ms. Desmos keeps all the sports teams in line and healthy. Whether it be one of the Soccer players trying to get out of running sprints or another one of the countless Hockey injuries she is always there to fix you up and pester you about doing your rehab. However, she doesn’t limit herself to getting mad at the players, the coaches get their fair share of her thoughts. Although Ms. D is able to see through everyone’s antics and is happy to voice her opinions on it, she is always there for everyone. Her door is always open and practically everyday students will come to her for any range of help whether it be advice in personal life to being taped up for practice or just to grab ice and say “hi”. I personally account for many visits for all varieties and I know many others can as well. 

So from Hebron Academy to you Ms Raymond(Desmos), Thank you for everything you do and have done for our community.

Pictured above: Previous assistants to the athletic trainer- Nick Theodos ’23, Anthony Lombardo ’23, Noah Parmenter ’24, and Ms. Raymond (Ms. D)

Alpine Ski Team Review

By: Jakub Diakonowicz ’23

Alpine skiing is an individual sport, yet Hebron’s Alpine skiing team made it feel like a team. We kicked off the season with warm weather, no snow on the ground, but so much excitement. During two weeks of sweat, complaints, and hard work, we never hit the slopes but after all of that, the break did hit. I got to be on the team for two years and I have to say all members improved since last year. One example is girls becoming the M.A.I.S.A.D. champions. This year’s team contained people from all around the world. Countries including: Poland, Germany, USA, Sweden, and Spain. 

After the break, the alpine team had their first practice in Lost Valley, furthermore the day after we also had our first race. It was slalom and the majority of the team preferred GS. Even still, we manage to jump straight in, getting three members in the top ten overall. That’s also when I realized, we were the LOUDEST winter team this year. The alpine team cheered for anyone no matter what school they were from, and cowbells were necessary. We came up with different cheers: “It’s all downhill from here”, “Dunkin is after this” or we did wordplay with last names. Every member had an addition to the team, some added fun and noise, some showed care and made sure everyone was included, and some sacrificed their time into making the gear ready.

Each one of us, before our runs, got a ‘main character moment.’ Everything was about you; the coach was focused on you, the peers were cheering you on, and all you could concentrate on was your run. You could hear coach Stokes, A.K.A. Swaggie, telling you “It’s not icy, it’s fast” or “Do your best” and that’s how you knew, it was your time to shine. We ended the season with probably our best runs at M.A.I.S.A.D.S. We showed how much we improved both individually and as a team. All the girls secured top ten finishes, as well as  four boys were in the top ten of each category. 

Cassidy’s Portrait Photography

By: Cassidy Russell ’25

This photo was taken of my brother for my photography class. We are working on portrait photography. Hockey is a big part of my brother’s life, so I wanted to incorporate that in the photo. I composed this photo in a dark room with a light on my phone for the red effect. It took a while to get the right shot, but I ended up loving the photo in the end.

Hebron Hockey Update (As of 2/14/23)

By: Ryan Johnston ’24

The 6-19-2 Lumberjacks Varsity Boys Hockey Team has been through their fair share of great triumphs and heart-wrenching losses. The Jacks came into the season with hope and energy with some wins early on and even proving they can hang with the big dogs only losing 2-1 to Holderness and 6-3 to Kent. The team started to shape up with catching a few wins before going into winter break with the team eager to hit the ice in January. With a solid return to play the team started to get back into the swing of things, we saw vital players to the team starting to take injuries. In a matter of a week the Jacks lost seven of their players including their starting goalie. This hit the team harder than expected, with Hebron going on an eight game losing streak. While most teams would roll over and take what happens Hebron has worked hard and started to show signs of promise once again. With players starting to join the lineup once again we have seen a spark among this team. Most recently with a 4-3 loss against Bridgton Academy they have proved they have not lost hope and will continue to battle. This next week will be big for them, going into playoffs the Hebron Lumberjacks will be the underdog. Can they shatter the expectations the league has set?

All Photo Credits to Blake Tripp ’24

Hebron Basketball

By: Caden Dufour ’24

Photo credit: Blake Tripp ‘24 
The Hebron 2022-2023 Basketball team started the season with high hopes and a willingness to give it their all on the court. The team, day in and day out, put in their hardest effort at practice, always going the extra step to improve their skills. When asked about the team, the 6’6 senior from Georgia, Giorgi Maglaperidze said, “the team chemistry has come a long way from the start. We are starting to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses each game, connecting on a more personal level as a full team.” The number of basketball players was scarce, with only thirteen team members due to injuries in the season. However, these players were extremely dedicated to achieving excellence. Coach Amory Weld said, “this team has come a long way; towards the beginning of the season, games weren’t competitive, and teams had already marked Hebron as a win on their schedule. But as the games continued, the team found a spark. Making games extremely close, losing in the final seconds of numerous games.” As the mighty Lumberjacks reach the season’s final two games, the expectation for a win is unprecedented. The 5’9 senior, Corey Garvin, is “willing to do whatever it takes” to produce a win for the season and finish the season on a positive note.

Varsity Football 22-23

By: Kaan Usular ’23

“If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror.” Coach Vining

The coach and the players shape the mentality of the team. It has only been two years since I started playing football, and it is not that hard to see why team sports are a growth place for everyone who participates. Every year has a different story but only one thing always continues to be the same: Ambition to win. 

At Hebron Academy, I had a chance to play football for two Fall trimesters. In these two different years, I observed what elements make the spirit of the team. In 2021, we only had one win and this year we only had one loss. But why? Every individual person has a purpose in the football team even if they don’t play as much as they want to. They are all part of the team. We almost won all the games we played because teammates who didn’t play were giving water, screaming, and supporting the team every single minute. Every time a player made a mistake, there was a stronger connection to support and to keep going after those mistakes. I experienced that feeling in depth. I’m an offensive and defensive line. There was one rule that I’ve forgotten every time. An interior lineman in a two-point stance can shift and go in motion – as long as he never puts his hand on or near the ground. When I put my hand on the ground, I cannot lift it again. I had a flag four times because of the adrenaline that I felt inside my body. I wanted to crash every defensive line that played against me. I did it because there was no fear. 

All those long bus rides with Royce, winning or losing with my teammates, and the feeling of brotherhood. I will never forget the effort we all put into games that bring the championship to Hebron. 

Family on me, family on three, 1, 2, 3 FAMILY!!!!

Girls Varsity Field Hockey 22-23

By: Julia Lopo ’23

The girl’s Varsity Field Hockey team has been fortunate enough to kick off this year’s season with good weather, new talent, and surprisingly, a few more subs on the bench. Last year’s season was very strenuous for all the players, due to the full-length games they had to play without pauses to catch their breath. However, this allowed the returning players to build a lot of stamina and endurance. The relationship between the returning and new players creates support many players can lean on with our new “buddy system”. This system pairs a returning student with a new student so they can have a number-one cheerleader on and off the field. We also break into our buddy groups for many drills, like partner passes and they are a great system to double-check gear and jewelry on game days.

This season, the morals have been really high, and though we took a few hard losses our first few games, we have started to build up a good defense decreasing the gap in scores by every game. This is very important as it has built our confidence and sportsmanship as a very small team. This was especially remarkable in our game against Holderness where we put up a remarkable fight to the point of injuring a few players. As a result of many injuries, we had to play two games lacking a few teammates, and those who played showed resilience in having to play without subs and maybe adapt to new positions. Those who still continued to play whilst injured have been amazing at showing up to practices and showing a lot of spirit for our team. 

Despite the concussions, bruises, lumps, and even a shattered pinky, our team has never been so driven to put up their greatest fight in the coming games of their season. Creating a bond with our team, as well as having good sportsmanship, has been the most important to our team so far. The girls are already looking forward to their next and last home games; The Pink Game against New Hampton, which supports breast cancer awareness, and our senior game in November to celebrate our seniors in their next steps.

Pictured below: Photographs from the Hebron vs. Berwick game at Berwick 10/22/22

Taken by: Ines Lopo ’25

Boy’s JV Soccer

By Brennen Pike ’22

Being on the Hebron Academy JV soccer team has been an… interesting experience to say the least. As a day student, I don’t really get to hang out with friends much outside of class. On the soccer field, it doesn’t feel like I’m working, it’s more like hanging out with friends while having fun exercising. Whether it’s hearing Jack and Nick bicker like an old married couple, or Teehan reminding us of how bad we really are, playing with these guys is always a treat. 

Almost nobody on our team actually knows how to play soccer, we just kinda do our thing and figure it out on our own. We have a strong connection as we are not only the soccer team, but most of us are also on the hockey team. This makes it a lot easier to communicate with each other and gives us the upper hand over other teams who may not know each other as well. 

The brains behind our operations is the man most commonly known on campus as Mr. Gautier, aka: The Goat. He is not only our coach, but someone that we can joke around with, and who tells us when it’s time to take things seriously. Although sometimes he can be grumpy, I can always count on him to laugh at my lame dad jokes. 

Playing soccer at Hebron is something I never thought I would do. Having only hockey and lacrosse as my two main sports, I never had a taste for soccer. Playing on Mr. Gautier’s team, though, gave me not only some great training for hockey season, but also great experiences that I will carry with me throughout my entire life.