AirServer iPad Mirroring

AirServer is an app that lets you wirelessly mirror an iOS device’s screen to your MacBook (and therefore project it). Once installed and activated here are the steps to get mirroring in Air Server working:

1. Load the AirServer app on your MacBook. It runs in the menu bar in the top right hand corner of your screen.

2. Click the AirServer app icon (a square with an arrow pointing upwards) and select Preferences:


3. Under the General tab choose to set a Fixed Password (or Onscreen Code if you want students to be able to mirror their iPad, for which a code will pop-up each time a device tries to connect) and then enter a password you would like to use to connect:


We recommend using your iPad passcode as the password to keeps things simple. If you don’t set a password anybody on the network can mirror their display to your MacBook.

4. Next, on the iOS device swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen (or double tap the home button) to get access to Control Center. One of the options on this screen will be Screen Mirroring – tap on it:

5. The small pop-up window that appears is scrollable. Scroll until you find your name and then tap it to start mirroring (depending on which password option you have selected from step 3 you may need to enter your fixed password or the onscreen code that pops up on your MacBook):

6. Your iOS device screen should now be mirrored to your MacBook. To toggle between full screen mode on your MacBook click on the green button in the top left of the AirServer window (this toolbar may autohide so you just need to hover your mouse over the area in the top left):


To stop the mirroring just click the red x button:


You can also stop the mirroring on your iOS device by swiping up to access Control Center, tapping the AirPlay section and then tapping Turn Off AirPlay Mirroring.

If you have any issues with AirServer, first try toggling the mirroring off and on in the AirPlay menu on your iOS device. If that does not work, try quitting the app on the MacBook and starting the process over.

Finally, one tip when using the iOS device and AirServer in the classroom is to increase the time to auto-lock. That way you won’t be entering your pin code on the iPad so often. To do this locate and open the Settings app, tap the General option on the left hand side and then tap the Auto-Lock option on the right hand side:


We recommend choosing 15 minutes.

If you are having issue using AirServer in your classroom an alternative is to plug in your iOS device to your laptop using the lightning cable and mirror the display through QuickTime. Complete instructions for this can be found here (You must be running the latest version of OS X on your laptop for this to work).

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