Grade 6 & 7 Science – 3D Biomes in Sketchup

In grade 6 & 7 Science a recent project was to create biomes in 3D using SketchUp. The class was split into groups of two and three and each randomly allocated a different biome, from desert to tundra. After several lessons of directed research finding out about the climate, animals and plants, the groups began by sketching out in 2D a plan of what they wanted their 3D models to look like. These sketches had to include:

  1. Biome Title – at the top of the sheet
  2. Land forms – the shapes for the base of the model
  3. Vegetation – sketch out types and locations
  4. Animals – sketch out types and locations
  5. Labels – what is going be labeled and the label location

Next, using the various drawing, shape, texture, model and camera tools within Sketchup the groups had to create their models in 3D following the same steps, with the addition of a world map showing the various locations of their biome. Once completed each group then presented their model and biome research to the rest of the class, with group members switching tasks between talking and operating the camera within the model.

Here is a video tour of their completed models (minus the information labels and location maps for clarity):


And here is a gallery of the class working at different stages in the project as well as screenshots of some of the complete models:

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