iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) on the iPad

The iWork suite is Apple’s version of MS Office, allowing you to create documents with advanced layouts in Pages, professional presentations in Keynote and spreadsheets with calculations and charts in Numbers, right on the iPad.

Here is the Pages interface once you have created a new document, with a few of the more common tools labelled:


You simply double-tap on an object, such as the text in the above example, to edit it. To change the options of an object, such as the font size, once the object is selected just tap the paint brush icon (different options will appear depending on the type of object selected):


Tap on the plus icon (+) to insert tables, charts, text boxes, shapes and images onto your document:


Here is the Keynote interface, again with a few key options highlights:


The interface is very similar to Pages, except that your slides can be seen in the left hand column. To add a new slide tap the plus icon (+) in the bottom left hand corner and the play button in the upper right puts the document in present mode.

And finally, here is the Numbers interface:


Again, there are similar options to Keynote and Pages. To enter data into a cell you need to double tap, and this pop-up keyboard will appear:


Use 42 to enter text, the clock symbol to enter a date, the T to enter text and the equals (=) to create a formula or function.

To share a finished document in any of the apps just tap on the share icon (share_button):


Use the Send a copy option if you want to email it directly or Open in Another App to save it to something like Google Drive. Either selection lets you choose a file type first, from Pages to PDF, Word or ePub:


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