Timeline 3D on iPad

Timeline 3D is a great app for creating and presenting timelines on the iPad. From a list of events organized by date the app creates a 3D presentation which can then be navigated through.

To start a new timeline click on the plus (+) icon, tap Create Timeline and then give your project a name:


You can now create new events, view or edit any existing events or tap play to present your timeline:


At the top of the screen you can also tap Configure to change the theme and a few other options.

Tap the plus icon (+) on the above screen to add a new event and then simply fill in all the details (dates, notes, links) required. You can also add a picture or movie from your Camera Roll where it says Add Media:


Once you have added all the events for your project tap the play button to present your timeline. The app will first prepare your presentation:


Then present it in a 2D overview:


You can now tap any event and it will switch to a 3D view which you can scroll through taping left or right:

IMG_0149There are also additional controls that will appear if you tap at the top of the screen, including Done to exit the presentation:


Timeline 3D also has multiple options to share your project. Tap the share icon to see these options:


Sharing as a PDF is probably the most useful of these options, but you can also publish to the web or export as a slideshow that can be viewed in PowerPoint.

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