ESL World Literature & World History – Propaganda Posters

Language has power. It is how information and ideas are shared. Hebron Academy students in the Advanced ESL World Literature and Advanced ESL Modern World History classes grasped just how powerful language can be as they studied the causes and effects of the Cold War and the foreboding dystopia of George Orwell’s 1984. They expanded and refined their own English language skills by completing in-depth research into the many facets of power, language, political ideas, and strategies for control. The students then synthesized their findings and conclusions in one of the most powerful language tools used today: propaganda.

Using the graphic program Comic Life, these students created propaganda posters to reinforce their own thesis statements and to complement their oral presentations. Students combined their knowledge of history and language with what they learned about slogans, images, and other graphic elements such as colors, type fonts, and positioning. They applied these skills to the idea of purpose, format, and audience to amplify their own messages.

Ms. Darby, ESL Director

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