Presentation Apps

There are a number of choices on your MacBooks and iPads (and the library for student projects) for creating presentations.

20111. PowerPoint. This is installed on all faculty MacBooks and there is now a free app for all iOS devices (although you will need to sign up for a free Microsoft account to access documents you save in the cloud). PowerPoint on the Mac has been improved a lot over the years and now has a lot more theme and design options.

One important option for creating your own slide designs is the slide master. Click Themes and then click Edit Master:


Any changes you make to the design of the slide master are made to all of the slides in your presentation.

2. keynoteKeynote. This is Apple’s version of PowerPoint, is installed on all faculty MacBooks and can be downloaded for free onto your iPad. The basic functionality is the same as PowerPoint but with a range of different themes and fonts designed specifically for the app.

3. Google Slides is a great way to create and share simple presentations, and is excellent for collaborative work. It does not include all the transition and animation effects from PowerPoint and Keynote but there are still a range of limited design options underneath these four buttons:


4. There are also a couple of online options that we recommend. These are all cloud-based and can add a nice variation to the standard slide-based presentation:

Prezi, which adds motion and zooming effects to a presentation. You will need to sign-up for an an education account to get free access to this service. There is also an iPad app available on the Self Service.

Here is an example video of what can be accomplished in Prezi:

PowToon Slides, which provides animation and more cartoon-based themes to play with. Again, you will need to sign-up for an account to create your own presentations.

Here is a good tutorial showing some of the different features:

Haiku Deck, available both on the web and as an iPad app. Haiku Deck is a great app for creating minimalist presentations – most of the design options have been stripped out, with only a few font and layout options, with the focus being on choosing great images for your slides.

Here is a good review of the app and what kind of presentations it can create:

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