Grade 7 Math – Surveys & Data Analysis

Grade 7 Math students spent the past two weeks working on a survey project, with each student picking a topic of interest, creating a survey based around this topic, collecting data from the school community and then analyzing and reporting their results.

They worked through the following steps, using a range of different apps in the process:

  1. Define research question (Google Docs)
  2. Create survey (Google Forms)
  3. Distribute survey (Gmail)
  4. Data collection (Google Sheets)
  5. Data manipulation (Excel)
  6. Data analysis (Excel)
  7. Report findings (Pages, Preview)

Creating Google Forms and working with data in a spreadsheet were brand new skills for the students, which we took even further by creating custom templates when designing the surveys and manipulating data using calculations and formula, as well as creating several different types of graph.

Their finished reports are embedded below:

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