AP Chemistry – Vernier Graphical Analysis & Bluetooth Sensors

This past week in the science department at Hebron, AP Chemistry students utilized new data analysis technology to calculate the heat of fusion of ice. Using the Vernier Graphical Analysis app on their iPads linked to our new GoWireless sensors and temperature probes, the 10 AP scholars were able to collect temperature data over time to calculate the heat transferred from liquid water to ice. These students will be using a similar system this week to design the most effective hand warmers from multiple possibilities.

This new system will allow science students to essentially collect data on their iPads anywhere on campus using our growing suite of Vernier probes (we now have more than a dozen different types). These probes and wireless sensors will be utilized in all of Hebron’s science classes this year with Biology using the dissolved oxygen probe this week and Anatomy and Physiology using EKG and force sensors to measure muscle potential during grip and weight training activities. Students will then upload the data into Google sheets or Excel for further analysis, graphing, and lab reporting.

Mr. Maldonis, Science Department Chair

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