US History – Freedom Trail Presentation & Video Tours

On a recent trip to Boston, US History students spent the day walking along the Freedom Trail taking pictures and video with their iPads. Then during the train back from Boston, using research from class and information from the walk, students had to put together a collaborative presentation on the history of the trail and create video tours of what they experienced on the trip.

Here is the completed group presentation they put together using the Google Slides iPad app, including pictures from the day in Boston:

And here is an example of one of the video tours, again using pictures and video from the day, edited together using iMovie on the iPad:

In addition, before the students went on the Boston trip they actually did a practice project based around the historical points of the school’s campus, to learn the technical and research skills they would need for the real thing. Here is the group presentation they put together using photographs from the school’s archives and pictures taken using their iPads:

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