Creating a Presentation on the iPad

Here is a workflow we recommend for planning and creating a presentation using the iPad and a number of different apps provided for all faculty and staff:

  1. Use Notability to collect notes, PDFs, class handouts and related research together in one place.
  2. Use the mind-mapping app MindNode to brainstorm ideas, as well as plan out the structure of the presentation using outline view. See the Writing a Paper post for more screenshots on how to use this app.
  3. We recommend either Google Slides (for simple text-only writing) and Keynote (if layout is important, including the addition of multiple columns of text, diagrams and images, etc.) as the apps to actually use to create the presentation.
  4. Finally, to collect references and citations we recommend RefMe, in which you create a new project for each presentation, collect and format your references and then export them at the end to add to the finished presentation.

This video gives a nice overview of how to use the app (it’s recorded on the iPhone but the iPad app is very similar):

Other presentation apps that are available on the iPad include Prezi and Haiku Deck – both are great apps and provide alternative designs, interfaces and methods of navigation.

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