Computer Science – 3D Modeling Concepts

During Computer Science class for the past two weeks we have been looking at different concepts, styles, techniques and apps for creating video game 3D models.

We started off by using Tinkercad to create geometric shape-based space crafts and then discussed different ways of creating more organic looking asteroids from the same tools. We then moved into digital sculpture using the Sculpris app, which lets you morph and carve digital clay into the exact shapes you want.

The students used the symmetry tool to create monster heads, complete with facial features and additional detailing to create a finished model that could be viewed at any angle.

We then went back into Tinkercad and talked about human body proportions and created a human template, again using basic geometric shapes. We then transitioned back to Sculpris to try and mold a similar body shape and finally added additional detailing to turn this into a finished  video game monster character.

A selection of screenshots of student work in Tinkercad, Sculptris and Unity (to get an idea of what the final render in a 3D game would look like) can be seen below, as well as a photo of two monster heads printed on our 3D printer:

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