AP Literature – Hamlet Character Design

Over the past week the AP Literature class has been working on a technology project to design and create Hamlet faces in 3D. Each student selected a character from the play, sketched out their ideas for their face design and then sculpted them on the library iMacs using the Sculptris app.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.44.47Some students based their creations on a simple mask template that was give to them (and created by students in the Computer Science class), and others created their models from scratch. They started by molding the overall shape of the face, added the larger facial features and then zoomed in to create the fine details.

The finished designs were them printed on our 3D printer and will be displayed along side a piece of reflective writing based around the original character they chose.

A selection of photographs and screenshots can be seen below, including some shots of the finished printed models:

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