Socrative, Kahoot, Poll Everywhere, TodaysMeet

In this week’s faculty technology training we looked four different online tools for creating quizzes, polls and online conversations.


Socrative is a simple online student response system that allows teachers to quickly create and share quizzes and polls with students.

Here’s a good overview of what the app can do in the classroom:


Kahoot is another great online student response app and as we saw from Bob’s demo a few months ago the results can definitely be entertaining and competitive.

Again, here is a good overview of the app that walks you through how to create a quiz:

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is another student response system with a few additional polling options to Socrative, for example the word cloud option.

Here’s a recent tutorial for the app:

Today’s Meet

And finally Todays Meet is a live chat tool that lets you create a temporary chat room that your students can use to discuss questions, topics or homework.

Here is a good post that shows a number of ways this can be used in the classroom and here is a quick tutorial on how to use the app:

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