Spanish 1 – Sugar Skulls in 3D

Spanish 1 students have just started a project based around the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival. One important aspect of this festival is creating and decorating calaveras (sugar skulls), which for this project we did using our new 3D printer.

Using the Tinkercad 3D design software, students were given a simple skull template to work with and then added, resized and rotated different shapes and objects to decorate their skulls. Their final designs were then uploaded to the printer with six or seven different skull designs printed at one time. Students will next use sandpaper and acrylic paint to color their skulls, and then incorporate them into a multimedia presentation.

Some screenshots and photographs of the students’ work in Tinkercad, and the finished skulls freshly created on the printer can be seen below:

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