US History – Freedom Trail Video Tours

On a recent trip to Boston, US History students spent the day walking along the Freedom Trail and documenting the day by taking pictures and movies with their iPads. Once back in school they had to work in groups to put together a professional video, edited with the iMovie app, recreating their walking tour using a range of the different footage and photographs each group member had taken.

To create their finished videos they all had to follow these production steps:

  1. Collect together clips and photographs onto one iPad
  2. Storyboard their ideas to create a basic clip order/narrative
  3. Construct their timeline – order/trim clips & images together
  4. Add titles – include intro title and credits
  5. Check and edit transitions
  6. Remove any unwanted audio & record any voice over
  7. Add any background music or sound effects
  8. Check all audio volume levels
  9. Watch through entire video to check for any errors
  10. Save, rename and share your finished movie

Here are some examples of the completed video tours, again made using photographs and video from the trip, and some pictures of the students working in class on their iPads:

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