Humanities English – The Monkey King Comic Book

In the fall trimester, Humanities English students study Chinese poetry and literature to accompany the Chinese history they learn in Humanities History. In the class’ study of classic Chinese folk tales, the students read Timothy Richard’s translation of Wu Cheng’en’s The Monkey King’s Amazing Adventures. The students were paired up and assigned different excerpts, so collectively, the class read the entire novel. The pairs were then tasked with bringing their excerpt to life through the use of a comic strip that depicted the most crucial pieces of the story.

Mr. Crofton introduced the students to the functions of the Comic Life app on their iPads that they would use to create their comic strips of sixteen cells or fewer. The pairs then created storyboards to guide them as they developed their comic strip in the app. The students worked in class and outside of class on their comic strips and the finished results compiled together can be read below.

Mr. Harrison, Humanities English teacher

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