Grade 8 English – The Martian Chronicles Comic Book

The eighth graders recently read The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury in English class. After discussing motifs and themes in the novel, the students chose a chapter or section of the book to portray in the form of a comic strip. Character, plot, motif and theme were required literary elements in their stories along with narration, dialogue, and at least one onomatopoeia. The process was started with a storyboard to plan out the strip on paper. Mr. Crofton then provided guidance in the technical aspects of building the comic strip using Google Drawings. The students spent several class periods building their comics from scratch and the finished results were then published into an ebook using ISSUU. Talent and creativity merge here to show us how difficult it could be to get humans civilization established on Mars! Enjoy the eighth graders interpretations of Bradbury’s futuristic ideas.

Mrs. Drown, English Teacher 

The students’ complete comics are embedded below as an ebook through ISSUU. Click on the full-screen button to enlarge the document or view it in a new browser tab from this link.

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