Grade 6/7 Art – Digital Landscapes

For the past two weeks the grade 6/7 art class has been working on a digital landscape art project using the web app Sumo Paint and their Chromebooks. This is a great painting app that tries to mirror paint and paint brush effects in software, allowing students to create digital artwork with strokes on the trackpad.

The students started off by experimenting with the different brushes and effects in Sumo Paint, and then used these skills to create their interpretation of a black and white landscape provided to them. We also discussed how a digital image is composed of layers, how to work from the back most layer forward when creating their artwork, and to try and use a different brush style for each layer.

Next, they had to select their own color landscape image, break it down into layers and recreate it building on the skills and techniques they had learned from drawing the previous image. The final reflective step was to create a gallery-style poster in Google Drawings complete with their final image, the photograph they had chosen, their black and white practice image and an artist statement describing their work.

Here is a selection of their black and white and color landscapes, as well as some of the gallery posters they created (and some of the students working on their Chromebooks):

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