Grade 6/7 Art – Google Slides Animation Videos

Grade 6/7 Art students recently completed a 2D animation project using a combination of their Chromebooks and the iMacs in the library computer lab.

The students started off by storyboarding their ideas to plan out the narrative of their animations. They then created a simple bouncing ball animation in Google Slides on their Chromebooks, practicing the workflow of adding objects to a slide – then duplicating this slide, moving the objects, duplicating it again, moving the objects and so on.  When presented and the slides are changed in quick succession the animation plays out frame by frame.

Next, using this technique the students created their own short animations using their own objects and background images. Most students ended up with around 300 frames in their presentation file, but the largest was over a 1000.

We then moved to the library iMacs, exported their Google Slides deck into iMovie, used the speed tool adjust the frame rate, added background music and then exported and shared the finished movie file.

Their animations are all collected below in a YouTube playlist as well as a few shots of the students working on their Chromebooks:

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