Humanities History – Virtual Field Trip to the Parthenon

Mr. Middleton’s Humanities History classes recently went on a virtual field trip to the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Using the school’s set of Google Cardboard VR headsets and the students’ smartphones we used a selection of apps to visit the Parthenon site as well as the Acropolis Museum and its frieze galleries.

  • The first stop on the tour was using Google Street View to looks at various 360° photographs of the Parthenon site, from all different angels
  • Next we used the Google Expeditions app to visit the frieze galleries in the Acropolis Museum
  • We then used the Google Arts and Culture app to view a ultra-high resolution photograph of the east frieze
  • And finally, still within the Google Arts and Culture app, we went inside the museum again (based on Google Street View data) to see the view of the Parthenon from the north window:

A few shots of the tour (and tour guide!) in action can be seen below:

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