Humanities History – Ancient Greek Newspaper

A collaborative writing project the Freshmen recently completed last semester in their English and Humanities classes was the creation of an Ancient Greek newspaper. The students were split into groups and each was responsible for one section of the newspaper, from local news to sports and opinions – complete with professional design and a range of article content.

When crafting their section the groups had to follow these design rules:

  • Use color only in pictures (can use greyscale shapes)
  • Limit font use in your section (can use bold/italic)
  • Maximum of four columns per page
  • Need to include your section heading on first page
  • Local News section needs to include the masthead (name, date, price) and index information
  • Each article needs a headline, lede and byline
  • All photos must have a caption
  • Can use appropriate newspaper-style graphics, e.g. barcode, weather icon

All initial writing was completed and collaboratively edited in a shared Google Doc and then, after the group had decided on template design for their section, each student had to use the layout options in Pages to create section pages for their own writing. This meant that students all had to contribute content for the newspaper as well as learn hands-on design skills on the iPad.

Below are a few shots of the students working on their iPads and MacBooks as well as examples of the different page layouts:

And the finished newspaper, with all the sections stitched together to create one complete document, is published below via ISSUU:

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