French 1 – 3D Paris Monuments

The French I students have been learning basic vocabulary to describe the world around them. During the Spring Trimester, the focus of this vocabulary acquisition is the “City” and what better lieu to use for our study than the shining queen of all cities, Paris!

Each student researched a well-known sightseeing site in Paris. Then, armed with a catalog of 3-D images of well-known buildings and aided by Mr. Crofton, the students produced a “map” of these places using shapes, textures and pre-built models in the 3D modeling tool SketchUp. The students added streets, sidewalks, buildings, plazas, fountains, trees, and even the winding Seine to their map. This was a great way to practice their vocabulary: les rues, les trottoirs, les batiments, les places, les fontaines, les arbres, et la Seine.

Hopefully, the ultimate goal of this project will be met in the near future when these students walk by the fountains of Trocadero, climb la Tour Eiffel, stroll through Musée D’Orsay, and wonder at the marvels of wonderful Paris, now knowing more about these places than they did before!

Ms. Reedy, French Teacher

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