French Novice – Children’s Storybooks

French Novice students have recently been learning vocabulary for different animals, items of clothing and colors. Based around these sets of words they each created a digital children’s storybook in which an animal visits a famous place and then puts on ten different colored items of clothing. They then came up with a punchline for their story, as well as an eye-catching book cover.

The book was designed and created using Google Slides (either using their iPads or Chromebooks), making use of the software’s simple drawing and shapes options, and the students spent a lot of time searching Google Images for pictures of clothing with transparent backgrounds. They also tried to create layouts and chose fonts that would appeal to a younger audience.

A selection of their completed ebooks are embedded below:

Additionally, the students were asked to read aloud and record their ebooks to provide an audiobook edition of their content (as well as practice their pronunciation). The students used either the AudioCopy app on their iPads or the Voice Memos app on their iPhones.

Again, a selection of the recordings are embedded below as a SoundCloud playlist:

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