Grade 6 Math – Shape Textbooks

The grade 6s have been creating Shape textbooks in their Math classes using Pages. Each student was give a selection of shapes to research and then their books were planned out using a standard structure of:

  • Cover page
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Main sections
  • Citations
  • Index

The main body of the books were the shape sections for which five shapes had to be described, including an overview of each shape, five facts about the shape, a technical drawing and pictures of the shape in real-life

As well as Pages, the students also used a Google Doc to keep track of their citations, Google Drawings to create the shape’s technical drawings, the screenshot function within OS X and Tagul for their book’s visual index. They also used a few of the more advanced features within Pages: the drawing tool to outline their shapes on real life photographs; automatic page numbers and title headers; and borders, shapes and picture frames to enhance the layout of their content.

Here are a few screenshots of what the books looked like as they were being created in Pages:

And embedded below are the finished books published online through ISSUU:

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