Mac OS X Quick Tips

Just a few points from today’s technology training which will hopefully make your MacBook Airs a bit easier to use:

1. When you logoff or shut down your MacBook make sure this button is un-ticked. This will stop all your apps from loading up again each time you turn your laptop back on.

logoff option

2. Make sure to save all your files in your Documents folder so that they are backed up to the cloud via CrashPlan. That means any files saved on the desktop won’t be backed up!

3. Use the Launchpad app in your dock (or press F4 on your keyboard) to see all the different apps installed on your MacBook.

4. Drag up and down on this line to resize your dock:


5. Try out some of these options in your Finder window to show extra information at the bottom of the window:


6. In Finder: Preferences change the New Finder windows show drop down option to Documents instead of All My Files:

finder docs

7. In System Preferences take a look at the Trackpad section to get an overview of all the different iPad-style gestures you can use to navigate around a lot faster. Each has a quick demo video to illustrate what the gesture is and does.

8. Whenever a save dialog box appears click this drop down arrow to get full access to all the different folder locations:


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