Math Department iPad Pilot Program

apps_books_moreAs part of the MLTI Primary program all faculty were issued with a MacBook Air and iPad mini this year, along with the aim to start a 1:1 iPad program with all students next year. We have spent the last month or so testing and setting up the different accounts to administer the iPads and to centralize app purchases.

As the next step, we recently started a pilot program in the Math Department, purchasing a selection of apps and providing additional training to the teachers, with the aim to get the teachers using their iPads more during class.

Here are some of the apps we looked at during the training sessions:

1. Air Server – allows you to mirror your iPad display to your MacBook (and therefore also your projector)
2. Notability – a note taking app that also lets you import/export PDFs and annotate over the top of them
3. PCalc – a powerful calculator app
4. GraphCalc HD – graphing calculator
5. EQ Editor – create and edit math equations
6. MyScript MathPad – freehand equation creator
7. MyScript Calculator – freehand calculator
8. PhotoMath – solve equations with your camera

We will check in with the teachers in a couple of weeks, and send out a survey to see how everything went, as well as providing ongoing support. Using these experiences to guide us we will then provide school-wide training and apps throughout the rest of the year to get everyone ready for the move to 1:1.

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