Creative iPad Apps

During the technology training sessions this week we took a look at three different creative apps on the iPad.

Paper by 53

Paper by 53 is a sketching, note-taking and art app that takes a slightly different approach to creating digital drawings and artwork. Your sketches, notes and artwork are saved within separate moleskin-style notebooks and the app has a range of different drawing tools to use, including watercolor paintbrushes.

This video gives a good overview of the latest version of the app and shows off some of the drawing tools included:

Comic Life

Next we looked at Comic Life, an app for creating comic books using either photographs taken on the iPad or images saved from the internet. The app has all the tools for designing and laying out a comic book, with panels, speech bubbles, action text as well as a different page templates. You can also use a range of image filters to apply comic book style effects to your images.

Here is a good overview of the app that shows you the steps to create a comic book:

Do Ink Animation

Finally we looked at Do Ink Animation, an advanced frame-based animation app for the iPad. Using the app’s editing tools you can draw a scene and objects and then copy and move these objects over multiple frames to create a flick-book style animation. This is similar in style to creating animations in Flash and is a great narrative tool for the classroom.

Here is an overview of the app and quick tutorial on creating a simple animation from the developers:

Note that only faculty currently have access to this app. If you would like to use it in your classroom please let us know so we can purchase additional copies for your students. 

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