Literature & Composition – Publishing Short Stories with Pages

Students in the Elements of College-Level Literature and Composition class wrote serial stories over the two and a half weeks between fall term finals and winter break. These were tales told in the style of Mark Twain, who wrote stories in chapters ending with dramatic cliffhangers each week as a way to sell periodicals. The students included four parts for each story, three with cliffhangers and one with a twist, that could be on any subject they wanted. The work of all the seniors was exceptional and expressive of their individualism, ranging from murder mysteries to romances to daring international adventures. The works are being published digitally with custom layouts created using Pages on the iPad, and artwork from the title pages of each story will be on display in the art gallery in Sturtevant Dorm soon!

Mr. Paul, English Teacher

The students’ complete comics are embedded below as an ebook through ISSUU. Click on the full-screen button to enlarge the document or view it in a new browser tab from this link.

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