By Kellen Anthoine ’26

09:54, Sofitel, Rome, Italy. Our plane had just landed at the FCO Airport less than two hours ago and my parents and I had just finished unpacking. We were finally ready to walk around and explore the tourist – filled Rome before my dad had his first meeting. Seconds after walking out of the front door we heard a sound: “Meeeeeh!” It sounded like a balloon being slowly deflated, except a lot louder, and it caught me off guard. I looked towards the noise and saw a man with a dramatic frown on his face looking at me and my family. He was across the street standing directly in front of a stack of two milk crates with a cutting board on top. On the cutting board there was this jelly-like blob. I watched him pick up the blob, which I could now see had a face, form it into a ball, and throw it on the cutting board, making the sound “Meeeeeh!” We walked past him and he didn’t say a word.

Our first destination was the Spanish Steps, which were only a couple of minutes walk from the Sofitel. We arrived at the top, looking down over the beautiful Italian skyline. The air was filled with the smells of pasta and pizza, the playing of street musicians on accordions and violins, and also with the sound of “Meeeeeh!” Right there, at the bottom of the Spanish Steps was another man with the same milk crate setup in front of him, picking up and throwing another blob on it. Every time it hit the ground, the sound it made lit up the whole area.

Next we went to the Pantheon, where the sound followed us. Then the Colosseum. Everywhere we went, the sound of “Meeeeeh!” was present. All throughout the city these guys were there, watching us and anticipating a sale. 

This annoying sound made it a relief to get out of Rome. The moment we entered the train to Sorrento was the last time I ever heard that sound and I will probably never hear it again. The absence of the noise was a unique type of bliss, an ending of an aggravation. Outside of the big touristy city, there were no more salesmen trying to get us to buy their cheap products. Instead, we got to experience the true essence of Italy: quality food, good weather, and kind people.

All in all this whole story’s my way of saying how much better it is to stay out of the biggest tourist-oriented locations when traveling. Tourist traps, while beautiful, are full of people, noise, and scams that make it hard to appreciate their beauty. While Sorrento isn’t exactly unknown, it’s still less popular than Rome and because of that, is a lot more authentic.

My Metamorphis

By Jacinto Quintela ’26


When Jacinto Quintela woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous hybrid of man and tree. His limbs twisted and contorted, resembling knotted branches reaching out into the small room. Leaves sprouted from his skin, rustling softly with each movement as if whispering secrets of his transformation.

Jacinto’s metamorphosis sent shockwaves through the boarding school in Maine where he resided. His roommate, Cliff, stumbled backward in horror at the sight of Jacinto’s diabolical form, his eyes wide with horror. The other students gawked and whispered as rumors spread like wildfire throughout the halls, painting Jacinto as some sort of botanical aberration.

His friends, Mateo, Romeo, Sophia, and Vicky stood by his side, their expressions a mix of concern and fascination. They tentatively approached Jacinto, their voices trembling as they asked him what had happened. But Jacinto could offer no explanation, for he was just as confused by his transformation as they were.

He went to the health center to see if they could help him in any way, but when he saw the horror in Mrs. Judd’s eyes, he knew they couldn’t do anything. After thinking about it for a while Jacinto decided to go to class, despite the confusion and fear he had underneath his thick and bumpy skin. 

After 5 hours of classes, the first day of school as a monster had finally ended. He ran to his dorm, thinking what to do and what would calm him, and he saw his lacrosse stick. Despite his monstrous appearance, Jacinto’s love for lacrosse remained undiminished. He attempted to wield his newfound attachments like new arms, clumsily dribbling a lacrosse ball as he stumbled across the field. His teammates watched in awe as he moved with an otherworldly grace, his arboreal form bending and twisting in ways that defied logic.

But as the days passed, Jacinto’s transformation took its toll on those around him. His world literature teacher, whom he adored, struggled to come to terms with the sight of her once-promising student now trapped in a body that resembled something out of a nightmare. She wrestled with conflicting emotions, torn between pity and revulsion, unsure of how to help Jacinto in his time of need.

Despite his best efforts to continue attending classes, Jacinto found himself increasingly isolated from his peers. The other students whispered and pointed whenever he passed by, their eyes filled with a mixture of fear and curiosity. Even his closest friends struggled to look past his monstrous exterior, their once-strong bond strained by the weight of his transformation.

But amidst the chaos and confusion, there were moments of beauty and wonder. Jacinto found solace in the quiet moments spent among the trees, their branches reaching out to him like long-lost friends. And though he may have been changed in body, his spirit remained unbroken, a testament to the resilience of the human soul in the face of adversity.

In the end, Jacinto’s metamorphosis served as a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is still light to be found. For though he may have been transformed into something monstrous, he remained, at his core, a boy with dreams and aspirations, longing for acceptance and understanding in a world that often seemed indifferent to his plight.

My Experience In Hebron’s Alice In Wonderland Play

By Emma-Rose Vining ’27

I played Alice in this year’s play, Alice In Wonderland. I was enthusiastic to take on this role, because I felt like it expanded my knowledge of acting and I could go through the familiar process of making a play. The start of the process began with get-to -know-you games and once we all got to know each other, we started running the script and blocking out the play. The process of putting together a show does take a few steps, but the initial introductions and getting to know everyone is very valuable and is one of my favorite parts of building a show. When getting to know people, you can see how they settle into their roles and grow as an actor. In my opinion, one person who really stood out was Jillian Applegate ‘25. Jillian did a great job with her role, she was always helpful with the younger kids, and gave people tips on how to better their performance as well. I love how on-task and focused she always was. All in all, this experience was really fun, and I think that the play was a strong representation of the heart of school theater and the Hebron community as a whole.

Girls’ Lacrosse Season

By: Emma Frumiento ’25

Hebron Academy girls lacrosse had an exciting season this year! The girls varsity lacrosse team gained many new members, who had formerly participated in club lacrosse outside of school, which greatly impacted the teams success.  Additionally two new coaches, specializing in lacrosse and functional strength training, were hired to lead the girls.  With new talent and experienced coaches, the Hebron Girls Varsity Lacrosse team was well equipped for a successful season.

After a few weeks of practice, team captains were nominated and voted on.  Coaches and players appointed three junior class members, Annie F. ‘25, Tessa S. ‘25, and Emma F. ‘25 to lead the team this past season. The teams first game was against rival school Kents Hill.  The girls wanted to start their season with a win, and, appropriately, they also wanted to crush their rival school.  As goals were scored, the girls realized their season’s potential.  Having completed only a few practices, the Hebron team came out with the win.  Excited, the girls rang the victory bell in front of many parents and fans.More games were played, and the girls sat at 3-0 half way through their season. The next game would break their streak and bring a tough loss to the team’s record, but it only seemed to strengthen the team when they came back to win the next game they played.   

With the playoff season coming, the girls were seeded first, meaning they would play the four seed, Hyde School in the MAISAD semi-finals.  The girls went into the game confident in their ability and it showed on the scoreboard as they won at home 12-2.  A few practices later, the team played in the finals, but they were missing a few players.  Two Midfielders would not be playing; Sammy J. ‘26 was out with a concussion and Emma F. ‘25 would be away.  Additionally Athina N. ‘28 who is a strong defender was also out with a concussion.  Being down three players, the girls still fought hard and gave it their all; however, they came up just short and lost 4-7 to Kents Hill.  Despite the loss in the finals, the girls lacrosse team had the best record they have had in years.  The girls had fun, brought the energy, and won games, leading them to a very successful season and they hope to bring home the championship next year

Hebron Men’s Varsity Lacrosse: More Than An Ugly Statistic

By Hayden Plimley ‘24 and Krum Tsvetkov ‘25

The first time I ever picked up a lacrosse stick was this year, a week before spring break. I had mixed feelings about the sport because I have always been a football player and trying out a new sport so late seemed strange. The moment we started practicing, I realized that lacrosse is amazing and I was delighted to play for Hebron. On the other hand, a lot of us had never picked up a stick in our lives, so everyone knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy season. And this was proven by our season’s rough start and winning only 1 out of 6 games. Yes, we know it is not a pretty statistic to look at, but we are all looking forward to the remainder of the season. With Marquis Prater’s tremendous skills in the goal and  Ronan Newell’s great faceoff work and quick feet to give us the opportunity to gain possession, we feel like we can accomplish anything. 

As the season has come to an end, the amount of losses don’t represent the efforts of the team overall. Despite having only one win in overtime against Gould, the season has been relatively successful in terms of effort, considering the lack of experience with many of the players who picked up a stick only a few months ago. Standout players included Marquis Prater, Ronan Newell, Gabe Cote, and Joey Gualtieri. Sadly, the season came to an end in a tight 9-6 loss against Hyde in the MAISAD semi-finals. However, Coach Jack Sweeney looks forward to turning over the page next year, as a handful of recruits are expected to come and help the team on its way to being competitive in NEPSAC.

Messi vs. New England Revolutions

By: Evie Willer ’26

My brother, Myles, has been a big soccer fan since he first stepped on the playing field around the age of three. He has nonstop begged my parents to let him go to a professional soccer game. When we saw that his favorite player, Lionel Messi, was coming to play the New England Revolutions in Boston, we were quick to get the tickets. After the two hour drive to Boston in stop and go traffic, we made it to Gillette Stadium. Once we were there and found our seats, everyone started piling in. Over 65,000 fans packed the stands. Everyone had Messi jerseys on. Unlike concerts I’ve been to at Gillette, this crowd was mostly young kids and their families who were all excited to see the famous Lionel Messi.

I’ve never seen a crowd so loud and full of joy as when Messi made his way out to the field. Many people had no doubt that the inter – Miami team would win, as they are the number one team in the league. However, once the game started, New England Revolutions scored their goal in the first minute. Everyone was in shock and Messi and inter miami stepped up their game after noticing the Revolutions wanted the win. Messi played the full game, which was unexpected, and he ended up scoring two goals and had one assist. Miami ended up winning four to one. This game was the most competitive soccer game I had seen. It was interesting to see how the players were able to make quick decisions and work as a team to win the game. My favorite part of the game wasn’t watching the actual game, but hearing all the five to ten year olds yelling and getting mad at the teams and refs for calls they did not agree with.

Scarred For Life

By: Jeremy Lavoie ’26

-Photo Credit: Literary Hub

When Jeremy Lavoie woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a notepad. He slowly tries to recollect his thoughts from the night before; it was a hot summer night, and he was at the movies with his best friends. He came back exhausted, and before he could do anything, he fell asleep on his bed, which he had made earlier that morning. He was trying to figure out what had happened to him, but still no answers. Jeremy still had thoughts but was physically a dull black-and-white notepad. He still had all his senses but couldn’t move, speak, or do anything. Jeremy could now only listen and see, nothing else. He wanted to cry, scream, and run, but he couldn’t, as he was simply a notepad. His phone was still on the bed; his clock was still on his nightstand and it announced 2:05 P.M. He could hear his mom coming to wake him up; she hated when he would sleep in during summertime. The footsteps were nearing the door; he could feel the vibration; she knocked, but there was no answer from Jeremy, as he could not communicate in any shape or form. His mom twisted the door knob and walked in and Julia was left in shock as she did not see Jeremy anywhere, but weirdly his bed was made. Julia was worried as she knew how tired he was last night and expected him to be in bed either on his phone, scrolling endlessly on social media, or sleeping. The weird thing, she thought, was that his phone was still there, and he wasn’t anywhere else in the house. His bed looked untouched from the previous day. 

Julia also waited for her son to return home to ensure he safely made it back. She immediately called for Robert, her husband. He quickly scuttled up the stairs and examined the scene; just like his wife, he was shocked as this was very unusual for Jeremy. His parents immediately contacted all of his friends but with no luck. None of them knew where he was. The parents were intrigued by a particular detail: the notepad on his bed. They had never seen it before but assumed it was just a school supply he had dug up from his bag. The weird thing was that it was summer, so why would he be digging that up? His parents knew he loved writing, so they didn’t think about it anymore. They picked him up and flipped through his core, which was all blank and meaningless. Jeremy felt the touch of his parents and wanted to hug them, but he knew it was impossible. Was this all a bad dream, he thought to himself. Before making a decision, the parents waited till the end of the day to contact the police. Unfortunately, their son didn’t turn up; he was still lying on the bed waiting for something to happen, but what was he desperately waiting for, to return to human form? Deep down, he knew he would be stuck like this till the end of his life. His parents immediately contacted the police and filed for a missing child report, hoping to get the answers they were waiting for.

Days passed, and there was still no sign of Jeremy anywhere. A search team had been deployed, hoping to find him, but nothing came up. As for poor Jeremy, or at least what was left of him, he was still in bed waiting for something to happen. His thoughts were slowly killing him, but there was no escape. He kept thinking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He couldn’t sleep because only his thoughts were entrapped into a physical notepad. His parents were still trying to avoid the truth that their son was gone and that they couldn’t find him. Each day that passed, the more anxiety and sadness would be filling up Jeremy, Robert, and Julia. 

Months had now passed, and the worst had to be assumed from the parent’s perspective. Their son was dead, and there was no evidence as to how this had happened. As for Jeremy, he became more thoughtless every day that would go by. He would just be there, lying on his dusty bed, repeatedly looking at the same white ceiling, without thinking anything anymore, as there was nothing to feel or think. 

One night, Jeremy recognized his mom’s footsteps, and she entered the room. She was there looking at the bed, looking at him. She had no facial expression; she was emotionless. Julia could rarely get a good night’s sleep anymore; she couldn’t cry anymore as she had physically deserted all her tears from her body. She sat at his desk where he used to do homework every night and looked at Jeremy. He was there in a notepad form; she didn’t know this, but he knew. He hoped she would pick him up and sing him a lullaby like when he was a little boy, but she did something different. She picked him up, gently placed him on the desk and did what her son loved the most, she wrote. She wrote down everything she felt or thought about him. Every time the pencil scratched a page, it would be a massive pain to Jeremy. It was like getting cut by a knife. Jeremy suffered through her writing the whole night, and soon, there were no more blank pages. He felt deeply scarred and hurt, something that he hadn’t physically felt in a long time.  All her feelings were written on her son. Julia knew she needed to start moving on, as Robert had already begun that process. As a final goodbye, she took all of her feelings and thoughts about her son’s disappearance and brought them to the basement, where she took a last look at the notepad and burned it. Jeremy, slowly turning to ash, wondered how all this had happened to him and his family. Soon, nothing would be left of him; he felt relieved, and so did his mom. He knew this would be a new beginning for his mom as she had finally defeated the denial stage of grievance, and now he would be free from his thoughts. 

Hello From The Blog Editors!

Hi, my name is Sylvie Gill and I am a sophomore boarding student. This is my fourth year at Hebron Academy. In the fall I play soccer, I ski in the winter, and I do track and field in the spring. A few of my favorite hobbies are reading, drawing, and playing the piano. 

I’m Louisa Strong and I’m a sophomore day student at Hebron. I’ve been going to Hebron since 6th grade. I dance year round and I ski for fun in the winter time. One of my favorite places is my family’s cabin on Frenchboro, an island off of Mount Desert. 

We are so excited to be the blog editors for the 2024 – 25 school year! We hope to upload articles and new stories consistently. The Hebron Blog is a place to find news about recent events at Hebron, work students are proud of, opinion pieces, and much more. We’re looking forward to making some big changes to blog, so keep an eye out!

Looking Back at the Cross Country Season

By: Valentina Jeronimo ’26

From running in the crispy weather of fall to running in the frigid winter, our cross country team showed remarkable dedication and effort this season; our team with more than 10 runners showed encouraging behavior with each other and our endeavor allowed us to progress through the whole period. More importantly, our coach, Coach Prince, made sure each of us had an exceptional season and pushed us to bring out the best of us in every race and practice and we thank him for that. We started off every practice with a 1200m warm up and drills to stretch, then, depending on each of our health conditions we either ran on the trails or did the bike inside. Days before the race the team worked on cardio exercises and our couch made sure we got enough rest for the race the next day.

All the dedication and effort our team has made this season has been reflected by achieving a remarkable 2nd place in the MAISADS championship against Kents hill, Gould, Hyde and Bradford Christian Academy. I am very proud to say I was part of this team and I am pleased with my result but more importantly with the result of all of my teammates. The team would also like to thank Ms. D or Ms. Desmond for taking care of us and looking after us this season; from all the taping she did, to all of us who she sent to the bike and to all of us who she put up to every day in her office saying “I don’t want to do cross country today.” Thank you.

And for the last time we can shout:

Jacks on me Jacks on three…. One..Two..Three… JACKS!!!!


Michael Boardman ‘27

James (Quin) Doyle ‘26

Guadalupe (Lupe) Fernandez-Irurzum ‘26

Perrin Gill ‘28

Conlin Goodwin ‘27

Valentina (Val) Jeronimo ‘26

Eliot Kamula ‘25

Donghyun (David) Lee ‘28

Finn Miller ‘28

Martha Morril ‘24

Robert (Roby) Schroder ‘24

James Young ‘24

The Round Square International Conference

By: Sylvie Gill ’26

The Round Square conference was separated into three major event days: An adventure day, democracy day, a service day, and a day for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as an arrival day. On arrival day, our delegation drove to the Runda campus of Brookhouse Schools located in Nairobi, Kenya for registration and activities. Just on our first day at the conference, we met many people from many different countries including Australia, Germany, Canada, India, China, Argentina, Kenya itself, and many others. That evening we watched a musical performance to welcome us all to the conference. After the performance, we proceeded to the Hostels where we would be staying.

On the day of the opening ceremony, we woke up bright and early at 5:30 am and got ready for the day. We then traveled to the Karen campus of Brookhouse Schools for breakfast. Both of the campuses of Brookhouse were incredible. The Runda campus was newer and resembled a giant luxury resort, while the Karen campus was older and more homey, with a building that was practically a castle! After we had breakfast at the Karen campus, we traveled to a large stadium building in the city where we were to have the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was amazing, consisting of a speech from the former first lady of Kenya, an introduction to the conference by the leaders of the RSIC board, and multiple Kenyan cultural performances. That evening we returned to the hostel to get some sleep before the next big day.

The next day was our group’s adventure day. This meant that we traveled in buses to the national reserve that is located in the city Nairobi. Nairobi is the only capital city in the entire world that has a national reserve in its city. The nature reserve was very extensive and had many different animals roaming around. We saw tons of rhinos, ostriches, giraffes, lions, and countless zebras. That night, we arrived at the campground where we would be staying. We ate dinner and watched an amazing cultural performance shown to us by some members of the Masai Mara tribe of Kenya. That night, we slept in tents surrounded by the Kenyan wilderness. 

On the second activity day, we traveled to the Runda campus once again for our democracy day. We watched a conference-like presentation of over five different activists, teachers, politicians, and scientists talking about the concept of New Africa which was RSIC 2024’s theme. New Africa is the idea that Africa and the countries in it are much more than the preconceptions many people may have. Kenya and many other African countries are working towards, and in many cases already are, innovative, sustainable, fair, and democratic. After the presentation, we split into different groups, called barazas, to discuss the topics we learned about during the presentation. Then, to get a real taste of Kenyan culture and hospitality, that night we stayed with parents of some of the students from Brookhouse schools. It was very interesting to see how life in Kenya was different to life in the USa. Many things were the same such as the cars people drove and the use of technology in households, but there were also differences such as the type of food that was eaten, and the way the houses were set up. 

On the final activity day, it was service day. This meant that we went to a school in the poorer part of the city and helped out to improve it. We worked all day to re-cement floors, paint walls, and clean the school. It felt very good to help out those in need by doing hands-on work, and it was nice to meet all the kids that went to the school. It was a truly inspiring experience and I enjoyed it very much. 

Attending the Round Square conference this year was incredible and a completely amazing opportunity for me and the rest of the group. It inspired me in so many ways and it was a truly valuable and inspiring experience. I took so many good lessons and new ideas away from my trip to Kenya. This trip helped me to realize the importance of service work and giving back to my community and those that are less privileged than me. It also gave me a new perspective on a lot of different matters by hearing the ideas and thoughts of so many other people from so many other places. It was definitely a trip that I will never forget and that has impacted me in so many positive ways.