Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Augmented reality (AR) is the real time combination of digital information with your surrounding environment. AR uses your device’s camera to capture this environment and its digital display to overlay new information on top of it.

During some recent faculty training sessions we looked at the following apps (on both the iPad and iPhone) as a kick-off point to future use of this technology in the classroom.

Google Translate

Translate foreign language words and sentences in real time:

Spacecraft 3D

Insert into and digitally interact with 3D models of different spacecraft in your local environment:

AR Mountains & Peaks

Scan surrounding hills and mountains to see what landmarks (and their elevation) are close by:

HP Reveal/Aurasma

Make your own augmented reality by creating custom overlays for real-life objects:

IKEA Place

Place and rotate objects from IKEA’s furniture catalog into your local environment:


Digitally measure any object around you:


Draw and doodle on a 3D canvas:

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