Fine Arts Technology Project Ideas

As a follow up to our focus on technology integration at the department level, and after meeting with all department heads, below are detailed a number of technology project ideas (using either the iPads, the computer labs or the 3D printer) specific to your department. It is our hope that at least one of these ideas might inspire you as you plan out your courses for the rest of the year.

1. Using time lapse video to document student work over time. This kind of videography takes still images over time and then stitches them together into a video. The inbuilt Camera app in the iPad has a time lapse mode or you could use an app like Hyperlapse ( Here is an excellent example of what the end result can look like:

2. Creating 360 degree photographs to share student art displays. I did take an example image of the sculpture outside the Fine Arts building a few weeks ago:,
. This is done using the Google Street View app (

3. Using unique photo and video filter apps such as Prisma to apply super realistic art effects. You can find out more about this app here:

4. Live loops in GarageBand are an excellent way to create and record music without using actual instruments. Live Loops allows students to simply tap cells and columns in a visual grid to trigger different looped instruments and samples. You can find out more here:

5. Soundtrap is a relatively new music service that would allow students create music collaboratively. It is browser-based and works something like Google Docs but for music. You can see how it works here:

6. There are a lot of different pure music creation apps available on the iPad but I just wanted to highlight three that work especially well:,,

7. One online resource that has seen a lot of updates and new content this year is Google Arts & Culture ( and there is also an iPad app now ( There are super detailed photographs of famous art works and virtual tours of a number of galleries.

8. Check out this virtual art Chrome experiment to see paintings being create in 3D using a virtual reality app:

9. One iPad art resource I refer back to all the time is the iPad Art Room ( This website is full of projects ideas and examples curated by an art teacher in Australia.

10. Again, as with music creation apps there are plenty of digital art apps available on the iPad. I would like to highlight several here that come highly recommended:,,

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