Math Technology Project Ideas

As a follow up to our focus on technology integration at the department level, and after meeting with all department heads, below are detailed a number of technology project ideas (using either the iPads, the computer labs or the 3D printer) specific to your department. It is our hope that at least one of these ideas might inspire you as you plan out your courses for the rest of the year.

1. Create a screencast with the Explain Everything app. This app lets you import all kinds of media and files and lets a student basically record a presentation as a video into the iPad. It records all their movements and annotations within the slides as well as recording their voice. Is very useful for students to plan out and explain a complicated concept. This gives you a good overview of the app:

2. One project that could be used in most classrooms is the student creation of an interactive textbook using either the iPad app Book Creator ( or iBooks Author ( in the library computer lab. iBooks Author is the app Trevor used to create his writing textbook. Students could create these for themselves as study guides or for younger students and they can contain all types of media, graphics, audio and video.

3. Here are a couple of different services and an example of some interesting infographics that can be created using technology:,, These are creative ways of visualizing data and could be used for presentations or classroom displays.

4. Creation of objects, artifacts, shapes and buildings in 3D (especially useful in courses like Calculus and Geometry). Using modeling tools like SketchUp, Tinkercad and Sculptris students are able to create all kinds of 3D shape and objects that can then be printed in physical form. Multiple objects can be created and then positioned together to create more detailed models, for display or presentation. Here is a good overview of what has been done with our 3D printer so far:

5. Programming on the iPad, which is an excellent way of teaching problem solving, logic and algorithms to students. There are a wide range of options to do this on the iPad from Swift Playgrounds (, which contains all in one courses and material, to simpler more block based program construction using either Hopscotch ( or Scratch (

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