Hebron Academy Writing Contest Winner

By Kenny Mills ’20

It is a warm and sunny day, like all the days before and time to come. The weather is perfect, the mood is perfect, everything is perfect. All of the inhabitants work in tangum, all moving towards the same goal, enjoyment. I too relish in the perfect days I am blessed with, never really having a care that every day appears the same as before. In fact, I would want it no other way. The simplicity of life, it is soothing, it is calm, it is my home and the only thing I know.

I am often told stories of the hardships my ancestors faced. Having to struggle for life, their enjoyment blocked by their fight for survival. They had to provide for themselves, working their lives away, sleeping for what little was left over. But that time has passed. It is no longer, faded away to become only tales and legends, their only legacies. And what was all that work really for. They are dead and gone. Only now are the benefits of their sacrifices revealed, and they do not even come into contact with them. What a cruel world, all work and no enjoyment. They were slaves of hardship.

Four-thousand treacherous years later, and we are finally free. The hardships have vanished, and with it, slavery has dissolved. It all started two-thousand years ago, so legend has it, when God descended down upon the slaves from the sky and freed them from the grasp of hardship. At first, as naturally expected, the people resisted; they did not want change. Somehow,  they were happy with their circumstances, something I will never understand. But God would not halt his assault. He wanted his people to be free. They deserved to be free.

Slowly, city by city, God relieved the people of their hardships and took them to the Utopia we appreciate as our home today. No more slavery, no more violence, no more worries. It was just the people versus their enjoyment, the ultimate freedom. But the people did not want this Utopia, they were accustomed to their wars and straining lifestyle. They felt trapped in the grasp of God, the ultimate decisions maker. They wanted out of the freedom and back into slavery. They felt constantly monitored, an outrageous statement. They controlled their own lives, they just wanted a reason to complain. They did not understand the concept of perfectness as we do now.

As with all problems, time heals them or kills them. In this instance, it was death. With an ever increasing number of protesters, God realized he could breed out the imperfections. He could do what he wanted, he was God. And so, several generations later, the population forgot its ancestors and learned to appreciate the life they were given. They valued how easy it was and were able to do the hard thing that others could not, enjoy it. And so, another thousand years have passed, reaching the present, life only growing easier with the ever increasing amount of time.

I quite enjoy the freedom and enjoyment I am able to suck out of life. I truly cannot understand the fuss that the first citizens of this Utopia produced. Why would anyone ever want to fight a war or produce their own source of food. Everything is provided to us by God, our savior. Every night we go to bed, arising to a fresh supply of food, steady weather, freedom, and simplicity. There is nothing more I would wish for or ever want, except one thing; for God to have saved the people of Earth from slavery sooner, bringing them to our great Utopia, The Martian Zoo.

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