California Girl in the Wilds of Maine


Written by Iman Shepard ’19

Moving from California to Maine, I knew the culture would be different because the way of life varies from place to place. I had been to the East Coast prior to coming to Hebron Academy, but actually living here has allowed me to notice some distinct differences between Southern California’s culture and Maine culture. This has helped me put together a super easy, three step process to become a Mainer:

1. The Look

First off, you need to look like a Mainer. This requires purchasing loafers (called boat shoes in Maine), Birkenstocks, a Patagonia sweater, L.L. Bean Boots, and anything from Vineyard Vines. If you don’t own at least one of these, you are most likely not a Mainer.

2. The Attitude

Although you might be able to dress like a Mainer now, you still have to know how to act like one. You must acquire a standoffish attitude and a lack of vanity in order to proceed. This includes being generally unhappy, and becoming nonchalant about how you look. Do not smile unless a sarcastic or demeaning comment is made about another and avoid enjoying anything except being judgmental in order to achieve the optimal Mainer attitude.

3. The Language

By now, you’re almost a Mainer. You have the look. You have the attitude. Now all you need is the ability to speak like a Mainer. Say things such as, “It’s wicked cold.” Words such as “nasty”, “mad”, and “wicked” are often used, so try to incorporate them into your vocabulary. A  greeting such as “Hey, how we doing?” is common. 

Now you’re basically a Mainer. Obtain a love for hunting, camouflage pants, Moxie, maple candy, and Dunkin’ Donuts and you’re all set.