US History – Freedom Trail Video Tours using Clips or iMovie

As in previous years US History students took a trip this trimester to Boston. They spent the day walking along the Freedom Trail and, in groups, documenting the tour by taking pictures and movies with their iPads. Once back in school they had to work in their groups to put together a professional video, edited with either iMovie or the Clips app, recreating their walking tour from the different footage and photographs they had taken.

Using either of these apps students had to go through several production steps to complete their films, including: collecting together clips and photographs on to one iPad; constructing their timeline – ordering/trimming clips & images together; adding titles – including an intro title and credits; removing any unwanted audio and recording any additional voice over; watching through the entire video to check for any editing errors; and finally saving, renaming and sharing their finished movie.

Here are a couple of examples of the completed tours, again made using photographs and video from the trip and either the Clips app or iMovie:

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